Time Managment

About a week ago I talked about my unhealthy connection to my phone and my computer. I scheduled a “screen detox” last Wednesday and for a full 24 hours, I had no contact at all with either device. I was really surprised with my results.

The first two revelations I had were how much time I instantly had available to me and how liberated I felt. When people discuss “going down the rabbit hole” with technology, they are not kidding. For a day, I couldn’t Google anything and as a result, it was a very old school, paper and pencil kind of day. It was fabulous.

But perhaps the biggest revelation that came from my detox was emotional. I felt happier, giddy really. I did not feel my usual ADD jumpiness. I felt calm, peaceful and significantly less stressed. I really did not want to pick up the phone/computer the next day. This was the healthiest thing I have done for myself in a long time. I highly recommend it!
I will now insist on a monthly screen detox for myself.

With Gratitude,

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