Live the heck out of it

Before I left for vacation, my friend Scott sent me an email that contained one sentence: “Live the heck out of this trip!” I smiled as I read it and thought “Wow, this is a really good way of thinking about it!”

During my 10 days in Peru, I kept Scott’s thought close by. No matter what came up, scared or not, I said “yes” so that I could in fact “Live the heck out of” this trip. His words made me be brave and made me say “yes.” It was a game-changer! Thank you, Scott.

One of my first “yeses” came at a bike park in Lima. The park started with a big downhill ramp that looked a little scary. I think I shocked some of the kids when I wheeled my bike to the top, but I kept hearing Scott’s voice in my head. It was so much fun! And after I went down, a few of the girls who were also scared found their courage as well.

Life is too short not to “Live the heck out of it”. Do Scott’s words make you think about life differently? They reminded me that saying “yes” was a much more fulfilling (and fun)! Now, I am passing Scott’s wise words on to you! Enjoy!

With Gratitude,

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  1. Amy

    Great words.


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