Time Flies

Time flies—we all know that. The summer of 2018 will come to a close in four weeks. Have you done everything you wanted to do this summer with whom you wanted to do it?

Sometimes I need a reminder about time and the fact that it keeps ticking whether I pay attention to it or not. I love the quote “Time is like a river, you cannot touch the same water twice.” 28 days and the 2018 summer will be in the books forever.

Time is precious, it is more valuable than money; we can make more money but we can’t get more time. Today, take a minute to plan out your next 28 days. It is a simple who-what-when exercise. I like to have the whole month visually in front of me when I do this. This is a great exercise for every month, not just August. Happy planning!!

With Gratitude,


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