You Have To Put In The Work

On Sunday my girlfriend, Kerri, celebrated her 50th birthday Kerri-style! She wanted all of us to go on a 50-mile (or 25-mile) bike ride in and around Hopewell. I haven’t been on a bike ride like this in many years, but it was Kerri’s birthday, so Doug and I said “Absolutely!”

What struck me while we were gathered to head out on the bike ride was some of the amazingly expensive bikes people were riding as well as all of the accoutrement that went with them. I looked down at my 25-year old Trek bike that I had just replaced the dry-rotted tires on so I could do this ride and thought, “I hope we can make 25 miles.”

As I was pulling back into the Sourland Cycles bike shop after completing the 25 miles, I realized a few things. It doesn’t necessarily matter what “bike” you are on in life; when you get to the hills—you have to put in the work. And when the ride gets difficult and you don’t think you can go on anymore—you have to dig down deep inside of you. You might not know it, but deep down inside you is the will, the determination, and the persistence you need to be successful. Don’t be distracted by the stuff, everything you need is already inside you!

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