The Quick Fix

I am amazed at how many people want something in their life to change but they don’t want to spend the time needed to change it. We have created a culture of quick fixes—health is a pill, food is a drive-thru, and news is a sound byte. Some of the things that need “changing” have been cultivated for 20+ years! There’s no pill for that. Sorry.

Even though there is no miracle pill, here is the good news: almost everything is fixable! Like Wayne Dyer said: “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” And there is even better news: the journey IS the fun part. Awareness is the very first step and it will be a game-changer!

No matter what it is in your life that you want to be changed, and by changed we usually mean better, it can be. But you have to be ready to jump in with both feet. Just because it is 2018 does not mean everything has a quick-fix. Nope. Not this. This is going to take all of you. It is simple, it just isn’t quick. It all comes down to you.

With Gratitude,

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