That One Thing

What is that one thing that keeps floating around in your mind but never actually gets done? You keep saying you are going to do it, but you don’t. Is it a workout routine, or time to yourself, taking a class, or something else? This thing has been lingering way too long!

Today is the day we commit (yup, you and me)! This idea has been taking up valuable space in our mind for no reason other than procrastination! Honestly, if I don’t push you (and me) on this one, this will likely go on indefinitely. Enough! It’s actually ridiculous that it has lingered this long!

So today we act! Pick a date and time to start. Tell someone else about your date/time so they will hold you accountable. Think about how long you have talked about this thing. It has been so long for me that I am actually embarrassed at how long it’s been. Let’s go! Are you with me?

With Gratitude,

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