It’s Time to Shake Things Up!

Have you ever been in a funk? I think I am! I’m not curled up on my sofa in a bathrobe eating ice cream out of the container and watching soap operas kind of funk, but it’s definitely a funk.

I realized last night that almost every night here is the same; dinner-tv-bed. Rinse and repeat. Ugh! I’m not sure if its autopilot or hypnosis but it’s not good. Autopilot is almost never good. It’s time to shake things up! Did you know that on a daily basis we repeat 75-92% of what we did yesterday? That is not good.

So I need to shake things up—what about you? Tonight, I’m adding the gym before dinner. Maybe we will play Scrabble instead of watching the dumb TV. Or maybe we will head outside to our firepit! Winter and darkness are on their way and it’s really easy to get sucked into a routine. I’m encouraging you to fight it tooth and nail—your brain will thank you.

With Gratitude,
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