Motivational Monday!

We spend a lot of time thinking about the burdens we carry. We don’t always tell others about them, but we carry them for sure. Think of the burdens you are carrying right now. Imagine each one as a heavy backpack, slung over your shoulder, weighing you down. Can we name a few? Money? Health? Relationships? Guilt? Worry? Failure? Regret?

Today I want you to put down ALL of the heavy bags you have been carrying—just like a mountain climber taking off his pack at the top of the mountain and heaving it onto the ground. Nothing feels better than having a respite from this heavy load. Visualize how you will feel without these heavy bags on your back. Do you feel lighter? Doesn’t it feel good?

Before you pick your burdens back up again (which I think you might), can you take a minute to look at your blessings? Take a quick inventory of all of your joy, love, happiness, peace, laughter, and friendships? These treasures are far more powerful than the burdens we are carrying, but we never think we can put the heavy bags down long enough to absorb this cache. Guess what? We can. Tapping into these treasures will surely make our bags lighter.

With Gratitude,

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