One Degree Matters

Last night I wrapped up my 5-week class on the 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth. Committing to such a class is difficult—there is both time and money involved, but in the end, there are 10-hours on content that will undoubtedly change the course for these participants.

We all essentially plot our course whether that be by design or by default. Going off course just by one degree may seem insignificant but it quickly starts to add up—and we will miss our mark. Ask any pilot or ship’s captain how important one-degree is.

Now ask yourself, am I on course? Should I take some time to plot this out better? Is it possible that I am drifting and hadn’t noticed? Unfortunately, there is no air traffic controller to alert us that we are off course. We are flying solo. Every degree matters. Where will you be if you make a “one-degree” improvement consistently each day? Yup, it matters.

With Gratitude,

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