Friday’s Quote

“Change your mind about someone.” Lola from the musical Kinky Boots on Broadway 

Last night Doug and I went into New York City to see our cousin’s son Ian perform in Kinky Boots on Broadway. What a fantastic musical and Ian was incredible!! I may be a bit biased but I still stand behind my assessment!

One doesn’t necessarily need to know the storyline to get the message which, in part, is summed up by this one quote. Actually, it is so simple that it’s almost complex. Event Don, the character who receives this message from Lola says “What does that mean?”

Think of all the negative judgments we make about people daily—family, friends, and strangers. Have you ever thought “He’s an idiot” or “She’s so weird” or any other “you are not like me” statement? Today, pick one person that you have surely judged and change your mind about them. They are not like you and that’s ok. We are all on this earth looking for one thing – to be loved. It’s that simple.

Happy Friday!

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Friday’s Quote

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