Running on Empty

Have you ever been driving in your car and suddenly realize you’re low on gas? The light may not have come on yet to officially warn you of the situation, but you’re nonetheless shocked. You truly thought you had a lot more gas. You may have even wondered “How did this happen so quickly?” 

Me too except today I am feeling that with my body – both mentally and physically. As I look back, I can’t even remember the last time I stopped to “fill up the tank!” That is really not good. Everyone should be able to look back and point to the last pit stop. If you can’t, then things need to change. 

We shouldn’t wait until the light comes on to fill up our tank. My Dad preached that to me regularly as a young adult but now I understand he meant it well beyond the car. I’m pulling over. It’s time to fill the tank. If you feel like your tank is dangerously low as well, I am encouraging you to pull over too. Our car will not go on forever without fuel. Take a look at your dashboard – how much is in your tank?

With Gratitude,

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