Motivational Monday!

In the 1950′s, a scientist named Curt Richter did a series of experiments that involved rats. He dropped them in water to see how long they would swim to survive. Initially, the rats died rather quickly—within minutes. Then he altered the experiment, he rescued the rats just before they gave up and gave them a short rest before putting them back in the water. This time the rats were able to swim for an average of 60 hours before giving up. Richter concluded that the 2nd group was able to swim longer because they were given hope.

Hope is an incredibly powerful emotion but it is NOT something we are born with. It is instead something that we learn to cultivate over a lifetime of experiences and hardship. Hope can be cultivated but so can hopelessness, it’s our choice. When we decide, it becomes our predictable cycle of behavior that will seal our fate.

How can we cultivate hope? It’s important to focus on the positives. Ask yourself questions like how was today good? What am I thankful for? How have I grown today? What is making me feel hopeful? It’s your own personal garden, will you plant hope or hopelessness? It’s your choice.

With Gratitude,


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