Are You Worthy?

Do you ever feel unworthy? Unworthy of a compliment, or an amazing spouse, or a sweet life? The word “unworthy” has come up 3x in the past 4 days—and I certainly have feelings of unworthiness— so it must be time to chat about being worthy!

For me, “worthy” is inextricably tied to “humility”. From an early age, I was taught to put others first and it is better to give than receive. And my Christian upbringing reminded me weekly of my sins. But that same Christian upbringing also reminded me to see the good in others. Are you able to see the dichotomy as well as the conflicting thoughts: I see you as worthy but me as not.

Well, there is this lovely Commandment that states we are to “love thy neighbor as thyself.” It’s the 2nd Commandment so I’m guessing it’s rather important. This Commandment cuts both ways. We must love ourselves AND our neighbor equally. And humility does not mean self-hate—humility is the ability to recognize the unique light and sacredness in others, but to also recognize it in ourselves. 

I now see worth and humility in a completely different light. I not only can accept that I am worthy but I believe it is my obligation to see it in myself as well as in others.

With Gratitude,

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