Who Remembers Battleship?

Who remembers the game Battleship? We would set up our boards secretly hoping our unique configuration would dupe our opponent. And who can forget the commercials when someone would cry out “You sunk my battleship!”

The best part of Battleship is the mystery. Chess, on the other hand, has no mystery. All the pieces are visually available for both players. Chess is about strategy and thinking ahead not only to your next move but your opponents as well. In life though, I feel like we often act as if we are playing Battleship when really it has been a game of chess all along.

Before you make your next move, take a moment to look at the whole board; look at all the pieces. Did you know that in chess, you are allowed to stand up and look at the board from your opponents perspective? What would you do differently if you looked at your current situation from your “opponents” point of view and not just yours? I know this for sure, Battleship would have been a heck of a lot easier to win! Perspective changes everything. 

With Gratitude,

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