Autopilot or Cruise Control?

Have you ever thought about the difference between autopilot and cruise control? Autopilot is when the pilot inputs some crucial data and then the systems take over continuing to ensure the plane is headed in the right direction, maintaining proper altitude, etc. Cruise control, on the other hand, allows the driver to reach a desired speed and the car will maintain that speed without the need of the driver to continue to press the gas pedal. The driver must still pay attention as there will be the need to steer, change lanes, and avoid obstacles.

Now think about your life; which does it resemble more autopilot or cruise control? Nobody wants to say “autopilot” but sometimes it’s true. Autopilot is the status quo, same old same old, no change. It’s not only passive but we relinquish our control. Cruise control, however, is very different. It keeps our pace steady but it’s certainly not passive. We are making constant adjustments and we are in complete control of everything other than speed.

We should never relinquish control of our own lives to autopilot but occasionally we do; it happens to all of us. We can passively accept or actively change—it’s up to us. Both autopilot and cruise control are turned on and off by us and our decisions. So which will it be? It’s your choice.

With Gratitude,

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  1. David Schuchman

    Autopilot or Cruise Control. What a nice analogy.


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