What If You Did Know?

June has arrived. School will wrap up soon and summer will officially commence in a few weeks. Everything is starting to slow down just a bit. I always feel like summer is when I can catch my breath—it is a great time to get things done.

What would you like to accomplish before September arrives? I don’t mean “clean out your closet” kind of aspirations, I’m talking juicy stuff that is perhaps job-related. Is it searching for a new job or putting yourself in a position to be promoted? Could it be a particular project? If you could pick one thing, what would it be?

We have 89 days (12 weeks and 5 days) to make this thing happen! That’s a lot of days but we don’t want to squander any of them. First – decide. Second – flesh out your plan. Third – you might say to yourself, “I don’t know how to make this happen.” If that is the case, ask yourself “What if I did know?” That question is SO powerful, please use it. Fourth, keep this goal in front of you every day in written form and let it begin with the words, “I will…”. 89 days, LET’S GO!!

With Gratitude,

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