Home Run Derby!

Did you watch the MLB Home Run Derby last night? Holy cow! Doug and I only stayed up long enough to see Joc Pederson face off against Vladimir Guerrero Jr. but that was enough. These two powerhouses produced 79 homers in 5 1/2 minutes each in this legendary Home Run Derby! They needed three extra rounds to decide their record-breaking matchup which ended with Vladimir Guerrero Jr. on top by just one home run. 

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. went first, so Joc Pederson knew what he had to beat each time he came to the plate and, until the last time, he matched Guerrero blast for blast. Of course, that got me thinking…which is better? Would you want to go first or last? For me, I would want to go last so I knew exactly what I had to beat. So how does that apply to us, the normal folk who aren’t in a Home Run Derby?

Having a target sets the stage; our work is already cut out for us. And if the target is big enough, then it makes us reach for something maybe we wouldn’t have reached for otherwise. Did Joc Pederson set out to hit 34 homers or did the moving target by Vladimir Guerrero Jr. raise his game? I don’t know but it was an incredibly impressive display by both men! Kudos to both. I hope they can lift their arms tonight in the MLB All-Star Game 2019. For all of us—pick a target—it’ll raise our game too!

With Gratitude,

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