Motivational Monday!

Very often, as a coach, I am meeting with clients who are looking for clarity about something. The misconception about coaching is that we have the answer. I can’t answer what your passion is or what your perfect job looks like. All of those answers are inside of you.

One really great way to get clarity is to begin keeping a journal. If you read the word journal and in your head said “Yeah, that’s gonna be a no from me”, then give it another second. Journalling is a well-needed pause button. It is an opportunity to listen to ourselves, and to pay closer attention to what’s happening inside our hearts and heads. The thoughts that happen in your head change, sometimes dramatically, when the pen hits the paper.

Here is a 4-step approach to journaling for clarity in any area of your life: facts, feelings, insights, and actions. Start with the facts. You might say “I don’t like my job.” OK, maybe you’ve been saying that for a while now, can you be more specific? Write down all the facts. After the facts, move on to your feelings—this is really important. It’s likely you are unhappy, but why? Maybe you are feeling under appreciated or undervalued. Or did unhappy translate to mad, but when you went to journal you realized you are really feeling sad or disappointed? Get clear on why you are unhappy. Finally finish up with insights and possible action steps. No one has ever said “I wasted so much time journaling.” It’s a real game-changer. Give it a try. What do you have to lose?

With Gratitiude,

p.s. Journaling has been proven to be a helpful tool in managing anxiety and reducing stress.

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