Building a Team

As I was driving through Princeton yesterday, I saw a soccer team practicing. What caught my eye was the uniform—white shorts and a gray shirt. Everyone looked the same, indistinguishable even. It got me thinking about the psychology of the uniform, teams, and how this applies to us.

Wearing a uniform packs a powerful psychological punch. It has tremendous team building capabilities as it signifies that everyone is working together toward a common goal; all challenges will befaced together. Everyone is on equal ground. There is also confidence, pride, and responsibility tied to a uniform. Putting on this uniform has the potential to awaken a new version of ourselves as well as change our attitude and raise our morale. And wearing a uniform signifies our hard work paid off – we made the team.

You might not be on a sports teams or in the military, but you’re definitely on a team. Is it a work team? Families are team, too. It’s likely your team doesn’t wear a uniform so the question remains: What are you doing to boost morale, raise confidence, and instill pride within your team? Have you created a cohesive group with a common goal where everyone has each other’s back? Even though there is no uniform, take a good look at your team. What needs to improve? You’re the coach. Today, make one improvement. Tomorrow, make another. It matters.

With Gratitude,

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