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We live in a time when everyone is looking for a shortcut, a quick fix, or a lifehack. We lead these soft lives now that not only indulge us with the shortcut, but we expect it. Studies show we are willing to pay 40% more just so we don’t have to wait. (The Harris Polland DataStax

As a result of our online-centric lives, we have become accustomed to this instantaneity. Unfortunately, there are some really important things that can’t come by way of a shortcut: good health and fitness, personal development, and a successful career. Those are just a few things that will not arrive via anything even close to an Insta, Snap, or overnight. You have to put in the work.

Today we should take a look at our stick-to-itiveness muscle. Are you really exercising it? Merriam-Webster Dictionarydescribes stick-to-itiveness as: Dogged perseverance; continuing to try and do something even though it is difficult or unpleasant. Don’t look for the hack; put in the work! Where, exactly, will you apply this? Don’t skip this question. Pick one thing. It’ll be hard but it’ll be worth it! Let’s go!

With Gratitude,

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