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Within the next 2 months I will be launching my book, The Wake-Up Call. The book is a compilation of 365 of my very best posts over the past 6 years. Today, I am sharing one of those posts – Good Is the Enemy of Great. Maybe you remember this one or maybe it is new to you. The favor I am asking for is your help in growing my readers. Who in your life could benefit from reading some morning motivation? Ask them to sign up on www.fitzgeraldlifecoaching.com or email me directly at beth@fitzgeraldlifecoaching.com. Enjoy this oldie but goodie!

Good Is The Enemy of Great

“I would love to be average; I want to fall right in the middle of the pack,” said no one ever. Most of us, unfortunately, do fall right in the middle, not because we want to, but because good is the enemy of great.

Let’s repeat that phrase to ourselves, “Good is the enemy of great.” Is our marriage good? Is our job good? Is our health good? If I swapped out the word “good” and replaced it with the word “mediocre,” would we still be happy? When I realized good was equivalent to fine or mediocre, I was no longer happy with good. I wanted great!

I want the word “good” to make us all feel unsettled now, maybe even perturbed. I want us to say, “I don’t want a good marriage, I want a great marriage! I want my job to be incredible! I want my health to be exceptional.” When we hear ourselves say, “good” I want us to follow it up with, “Maybe for the pack, but not for me!”

Please note, great is not even near good; it is in another country! It is going to take dedication, commitment, and maybe all our heart has to give, but with all of this effort will come success, fulfillment, pride, and genuine happiness from a job done not just well, but great. Here’s to great!!

With Gratitude ~ Beth

Action Step: What in your life is good? How can it become great? Journal about each topic below:

Faith? Family? Marriage? Parenting? Volunteer? Job? Health? Friendships? Fun? Fill in your own –

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