Remember What’s Important

Remember what’s important in life—every day. Check in. Take inventory. Every day. It’s that important. It will arguably be the best minute of your whole day when you stop to mentally address the things in life that are most important to you, and by “things”, I mean people.

Ted Kennedy told a story of President Kennedy on the Cape in 1961 after having just met with Khruschev. Caroline came running out of the house crying and the President was consoling her when someone called out, ‘Mr. President they want you on the White House phone-they said it’s important.’ He took the call. Later at dinner his father said, ‘I know there are a lot of things on your mind about meeting with Khruschev…but let me tell you something: Nothing that will happen during your Presidency will be as important as how Caroline turns out. And don’t forget it.’

Stop for one minute now. Who needs you? Work will always fill up your day and then some. Is it a text, an email, or a more meaningful phone call? Maybe it will require you to show up in person. Today, we are asking, “What is most important in my life today?” We aren’t thinking from our head today, we are thinking from our heart. That should feel good. Now consider starting every day with this inventory.

With Gratitude,


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