Life Got in the Way

Have you ever said, “And then life got in the way”? We all have had times when life got in the way and maybe life is in the way right now. What would life be like if it didn’t get in the way?

Think of your life without the obstacles like the finances, the kids, the parents, the divorce, the job, the family, the —fill in the blank. Answer this question instead, “If life didn’t get in the way, I would absolutely…”. What would you absolutely do? Would you go back to school? Would you move? Would you change jobs? What would you do?

Sadly, we cannot turn back the clock. But we can stop using “life got in the way” as a fall-back excuse to host our own pity party! Stand up, dust yourself off, and let’s GO! There are many amazing stories of people who did incredible things with far more complicated lives than ours. The pity party is over. Come on, we got this!

With gratitude,
P.S. If your responses was, “But you don’t understand,” please note that phrase is a great second to, “life got in the way.”

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