Creating Memories

If you had no money for gifts, how would you celebrate the holidays? What would you do to make it special? One of my friends posted a story on Facebook from an elementary school teacher. She explained what happens in her classroom in January when her students return from break; they never talk about what presents they received, but they always share rich stories of quality family time together.

With that in mind, how would you like the holidays to play out? Can you think of a creative idea that gets everyone together? Is it a game night with hot cocoa or should we pile everyone in the car, blast the holiday tunes, and go see some lights? Or maybe it’s just about creating a more thoughtful gift (see Marie Claire article below). It’s all about refocusing to create a fun memory.

Here are a few ideas: go ice skating, volunteer, have a night without phones, create a scavenger hunt, bake cookies, create a movie night, etc. It’s all about making memories, so even if you get some push back, do it anyway. Maybe your idea will become the new family tradition. They might not remember the gift but they will definitely remember time together. “Do you remember that time when we…” Yeah, me too!

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