Motivational Monday!

Grab a pen and paper! Over the next few days start to think about what you want and what you don’t want for 2020. Don’t make it official, like goal setting, just write. I’m honestly amazed at how many people don’t know what they want—but they definitely know what they don’t want—so write both!

None of what we are writing down is written in stone, it’s just a personal brainstorming session. It’s an opportunity to get it out of our head and onto paper. Amazingly, things always morph a bit when we actually have to capture our thoughts in writing; somehow they get a lot clearer, so don’t skip the writing.

The truth is we cannot hope this thing into existence. Wishing it so isn’t going to work either. If we want it to happen, we have to make a plan. Today is simply about getting it out of our head and onto paper. We don’t have to tackle them all in 2020 either, but we do need to have a list so we can choose which ones we are pursuing. Have fun with this. Write anything you want like health, travel, work, fun, etc. Making a list puts us in the driver’s seat. No list, on the other hand, makes us a passenger with no say. The choice is ours!

With Gratitude,


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