Friday’s Quote

“Life does not get better by chance. It gets better by change.” Jim Rohn

This week has been a big week. We ended the year as well as the decade. We turned the page on all of that, and I’m sure some of you couldn’t turn the page fast enough, but now we get to look at a clean slate—so to speak. 

What we DON’T want is to find ourselves a year from now in the exact same spot. Think back a year…what DIDN’T you want your situation to be right now that still is? Is it your job? Your weight? Your relationship? Your finances? Your happiness? Your ____________ (fill in the blank)? Why is it still a problem? Jim Rohn would argue that you left it to chance.

Life gets better with change. Change is active; chance is passive. Change is scary—because with change comes the bold statement, “I DID THAT!” Chance is mousy, it’s a “Let the chips fall where they may” kind of attitude. There’s no ownership with chance. 2020 is a mere 3 days old, but it’s important for us to choose now, chance or change? As you make your choice, remember, your life will change correspondingly! 

With Gratitude,

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