Friday’s Quote

“Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and think of what could go right.” ― Yoana Dianika, Till We Meet Again 

Mic drop. Period. End of story. 

Seriously, what would happen if we all stopped fixating on what could go wrong? Unfortunately our brain is hardwired to “protect” us so it will always gravitate toward what could go wrong. But we are smart – right? We can change our thinking; that’s our free will. It’s our ability to choose between different possible courses of action unimpeded. 

Today, for fun, let’s exercise that free will and think of what could go right! Take that thought you have been perseverating on—of all the things that could go wrong— and make a conscious free will decision to think about only what could go right! Give this positive thinking 5 full minutes. This is for everyone! Imagine what could change in this situation if we spent as much time thinking about positive outcomes as we did negative. Hmm. I bet a lot!

Happy Friday!

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