1-Minute Stress Reducer

What would you say if I told you I have a pill that will make your life better by reducing your stress, helping you sleep better, reducing your anxiety, improving your attention span, improving your emotional health, and more. Would you take it? Of course you would! We’d both be downing that pill like it were candy!

Unfortunately I don’t have said pill, but I do have something that produces all of those benefits and more and it’s meditation. Most people, when they hear the word meditation, check out. You just checked out too, didn’t you? Your mind said something like, “That’s not for me,” or “I don’t have the time for that.” OK, I hear you, but what if I told you you could meditate for one minute. Would you try it then? Just one minute.

I have been frustrated for years that people won’t try a daily guided meditation. I use Calm and Ive tried Headspace; both are great and can be done in under 10 minutes. But after listening to The Happiness Lab podcast from Yale University, I realized I was asking too much. So today I’m suggesting a 1-minute meditation! We all have one minute, right? You can do this one minute meditation almost anywhere. Meditation is SO good for you, so PLEASE give it a try! 1 minute…I’m begging you…please! Thank you mindbodygreen for 1 minute meditations (see below).


With Gratitude,

Do you want to see what happens to your brain after 10 minutes of meditations? Check out the image on the link below!! It’s crazy powerful!


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