A Tennis Lesson

Last Friday I had a tennis match with my partner (and great friend) Maureen. We played two amazing women that could essentially do no wrong. Right out of the gates, one of the women ripped a cross-court winner that should have been on ESPNs top 10. It was beyond impressive. I looked at Maureen and said, “OK, we are playing Australian from here on out. She’s never getting that shot again.”

The first couple plays after we set up in the Australian formation didn’t go well for us which caused us to second guess our decision, but we agreed to stick with it. If they were going to beat us, they were going to have to use Plan B. We had a great match but unfortunately couldn’t pull out a win.

So why am I telling you this story if we lost? Have you ever made a decision that didn’t pay dividends right away? Indeed, sometimes we need to make a different decision but often we simply need to hold the course and invest in persistence and perseverance. Quitting after one or two things don’t go as planned is surely the path of least resistance, but I don’t believe it is always the right path. Give some thought to something you really want—are you ready to hold the course and invest in persistence and perseverance? Or are you OK with quitting? COME ON!! You wouldn’t read these posts every day if you were a quitter! We got this! Let’s go!

With Gratitude,

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