The Key to Hope

Recently, I was speaking to a new client who was not necessarily in the best place. We had a great talk for about 45 minutes, we did a short breathing/energy exercise, we made plans for the next meeting and discussed exactly what we would be covering when we spoke next. I knew when we got off the phone that this person felt a little bit better and the reason, I believe, was hope.

Hope is incredibly powerful, but sometimes the people who need it most can’t conjure it up on their own; it remains locked away inside them until someone compassionately and purposefully hands them the key. If that’s the case, wouldn’t we all want to be purveyors of hope?

The answer is “YES,” right? But the question is “How?” First, look around you and identify someone who might be in a tough spot. Now pick one of these 7 ways that you might provide some much needed hope: love, appreciation, approval, encouragement, support, acceptance, and comfort. These 7 ways seem flat until you actual put them into practice. So imagine what words of appreciation FEEL like if you were to hear your boss say, “You are such a valued member of this team, you are raising the bar for everyone, and I am personally grateful for all you do here.” Yeah, hope’s a game-changer, and you have the key.

With Gratitude,

“The right to hope is the most powerful human motivation I know.” ~ Aga Khan IV

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