Superheros Needed

Good morning everyone! Yesterday I discussed control and how our lack of it right now has opened the door for fear to enter and, for some, panic has set in. Today, I want to help all of us get some control back in our lives so that we can push fear back out.

In any good story there will always be a victim, a villain, and a hero, right? Well, the same is true here. The villain is this vile COVID-19. The victims, of course, are all the people globally who have been impacted in some way. So who is the hero? There will not be any one hero for this behemoth—it’s too large. We will need many. And can we wait for a hero? I would argue, no. That means you and I need to step up and be heros, too! But how?

Staying home is certainly the first step, but that’s the bare minimum. If you were asked to be a hero in this pandemic, what could you do safely ? You don’t have to singlehandedly stop the pandemic, you just need to add value. My church needed people to call parishoners. I thought I’d get a few names of people who were alone, but I was given two full pages of Trinity Church Princeton parishoners—we are calling everyone! After about 5 calls, all of whom I left messages with, I felt empowered. I felt like I was helping in some small way. ALL OF US can do something. Think. We need to pull together on this. Today I am (virtually) issuing you the full hero uniform – yes tights and cape are included – the rest is up to you. Let’s go! We got this!

With Gratitude,

“You’re either part of the solution or you’re part of the problem.” Eldridge Cleaver

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