Is Your Glass Half Empty?

I’m certain you’ve heard the question, “Is your glass half full or half empty?” It’s also quite possible that you have heard the follow up to that which is, “It doesn’t matter if it’s full or empty because you should be grateful you have a glass.” Valid point, right?

In the midst of literally surviving this global pandemic, I want you to remember you have a glass. Forget whether or not it’s full or empty, just focus on having a glass. If you have a glass, it’s a good day. Heck, it’s a great day! So much has been taken from all of us, but we still have a glass — and that’s amazing. It’s also worth focusing on and for expressing gratitude. 

There is undoubtedly a long road ahead of us, even after we go back to “normal.” The economy is going to take a while to recover, but we WILL recover. People will lose their jobs, some will lose their businesses and more, but we have to stick together. We have to help one another. And we have to remember that as long as we have a glass, we will once again be able to fill it! Today I am encouraging you to place a glass somewhere in your home to symbolically remind you that your strength comes from knowing you have a glass—that’s all you need to start. We got this!

With Gratitude,

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