Global Warming?

Many of us have taken this time of quarantine to clean house. I know I have. Holy moly, it has been a lot of work but incredibly cathartic! As a result, I feel lighter, more peaceful, and I definitely feel proud of having accomplished some of these seemingly overwhelming tasks. 

What if we all took one more step and cleaned up a bad relationship? Quarantining has an incredible way of opening up the space for us to really reflect. We have all reflected on a lot so far, intentionally or not, but what if we all took this time to forgive just one person. End the “feud,” agree to let it go, and move on? What would happen to the world if we all released just one person from this long-held grievance? 

So today I am challenging all of us to look at just one broken relationship and consider simply letting it go—forgive. We don’t have to speak to the person directly, we can simply let it go on our end. It’s over. It’s not worth holding onto this heavy weight anymore. Maybe the cause of the argument feels insignificant right now in light of everything else that’s going on. Do this for YOU! Holding a grudge is a heavy burden to carry. Don’t you want to feel lighter? Maybe we can create our own kind of “global warming” with forgiveness. It’s your choice.

With Gratitude,
PS Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu equated not forgiving someone to carrying a heavy rock around with you always. His book on forgiveness actually encourages the reader to physically carry the rock everywhere for a day. It’s heavy, trust me, I did it.

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