Miracles Never Cease!

Last night at about 9:15pm, the phenomenal news quickly circulated that my niece had given birth to her first child! A beautiful baby girl. And 20 years ago today, at 1:13 pm, I gave birth to my third child, also a girl, Katie. Babies have an amazing way of making us believe in miracles—especially if it’s your first. It’s beyond comprehension. 

When you and I were born, however many years ago that was, the same thing happened. Someone stared at us in complete and utter amazement and thought, ‘This baby is an absolute miracle!’ Parents have a rush of other thoughts, too; they subconsciously declare to protect this baby and do anything they can to give it the best life possible. The sky is the limit. It’s also the magical place where unconditional love begins. 

So you and I started out as an incomprehensible miracle. Who knew? The sky was the limit. Parents may or may not have fulfilled their end of the bargain, but the fact remains, we ARE a miracle and the sky IS the limit. The rest was left in our hands as free will. Would you change your thoughts about yourself and your potential if you knew, categorically, the fact remains: you are a miracle and the sky is the limit. Any other limit you have diminished yourself by and with is a fabrication of your mind. So repeat after me: “I’m a miracle!!! And the SKY is my limit.” LET’S GO! Miracles don’t play small.

With Gratitude,

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