Motivational Monday!

Years ago, when my children played rec sports, I used to require that they write a thank-you note to their coaches after the season ended. My rationale was such: we paid for it, transported them to it, and worked our schedule around it, the least they could do was thank the coach who selflessly volunteered and gave of their precious time. 

For my son, this task was torturous. He loved his coaches, that wasn’t the problem, it was the writing that he didn’t fancy so much. I didn’t leave him to his own devices either, I required that the letter be no less than 3 sentences long and it had to be a thank you that was specific and sincere. Needless to say, this sometimes took weeks to accomplish, but when it was completed, we would seal it up in an envelop and mail it off to the well-deserving coach. 

Without fail, we would always hear from the coach thanking Liam for the note and mentioning how much they appreciated the gesture. But what really shocked us was when we ran into these same coaches many years later and they would say, “Do you know I still have Liam’s letter!” And it wasn’t just one coach; we have heard from a number of coaches who still have the letter! Do you know why? People love to be thanked, especially when it is heartfelt and sincere. 

It’s time to grab a pen and some paper and write a hand-written thank you. There has to be at least one person who, during this pandemic, has been a godsend to you. Don’t email them. Chances are this note is going to be cherished much like a few I know of written by an 9-year-old boy on loose-leaf paper that are currently sitting in the offices of lawyers, finance executives, and more. 

With Gratitude,

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