The Scrappy Little Fern

Over the weekend, Doug and I went hiking in the forest. As spring is burgeoning everywhere, so to is the forest, albeit at a slower pace, perhaps due to the lack of direct sunlight. Regardless, everything seemed like it was elated to finally be growing after such a long dormancy—the whole biome seemed to be reaching for the sun as if to say, “Finally!” 

On one of our hikes, I saw this tiny fern growing in the most unlikely of places. Most ferns love moist soil and a shady environment; they are often seen carpeting the forest floor. But this scrappy little fern decided that the minimal amount of damp soil provided by the crevice in this rock was enough to get him started—fully ready to battle the daily beating from the blistering sun. He certainly didn’t choose the easy road, but he seems to be doing just fine. He’s a fighter, for sure. 

I surmise that none of us fully comprehend how this pandemic will play out. And much like the fern who didn’t have a choice in where he landed, so will we be. I’m rather certain the fern never thought, “What do I do now?” No, I imagine the fern got right to work: “Grow roots, reach for the sun.” And the same is true for us. No matter how difficult a situation we find ourselves in and no matter what we want in life, we simply have to show up just like the fern. Grow roots; reach for the sun. COME ON! Anything is possible – anything!! We got this!

With Gratitude,

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