Crisis Leadership

As a result of the global pandemic and an overwhelming need, I created a weekly Zoom Video Communications call for my executive clients focused solely on crisis leadership. Each week we discuss different topics we are now confronted with given our new normal. Tonight, part of our discussion will be about loyalty and what that means to and for a leader.

Loyalty is an old-school word; it’s one our parents used about work and life way more than we ever have. There are many tributaries for loyalty but one thing remains true: loyalty very often comes with reciprocity; its a two-way street. We aren’t nearly as loyal as previous generations, but this pandemic has the capacity to unearth this old, yet priceless, treasure!

As a leader (whether that is of your family or at your job), we will be remembered for what we did when the chips were down—and the chips are definitely down. Nothing will be remembered just as profoundly as the smallest gesture. My sister-in-law received a beautiful box of fruit from her company, Almo Corporation, along with the most thoughtful note wishing her well (see below). Loyalty cuts both ways but it starts with us. If I have your back, it’s highly likely you will have mine. It’s really time to make loyalty en vogue again. And it starts with us!

With Gratitude,

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