Motivational Monday

What happened to George Floyd was beyond egregiously wrong and it has left me feeling outraged, heartbroken, and powerless. I wasn’t going to write about it for fear of saying the wrong thing or being misunderstood, but I feel strongly that saying nothing makes me complicit in some way.

Nike ran a great ad titled, “Don’t Do It,” which ended with “Let’s all be part of the change,” but haven’t we been here before? What does “be part of the change” mean specifically? I also received a great email from the president and CEO of a fabulous brand, M.M.LaFleur in which she attached actionable items like articles, books, and guides to help me be the change. My daughter shared a video about parents of color explaining to their children what to do if they are pulled over from 2017 which left me sobbing. And lastly, I watched the Presiding Bishop Michael B. Curry preach about it, and he drove home the point that love is the answer. All of this helped me wrap my hands around the unconscionable, although I’m still feeling powerless to affect the change that is needed.

Sometimes silence is important, and sometimes it’s wrong. All police officers are not cut from the same cloth. Black lives do matter. Every life matters. Love is the answer – always. Racism is wrong. I hope and pray, this is the turning point. And if you have any hate to share with me, I welcome your feedback, but first I want you to know that I wrote this from a place of love for all. If I missed the mark, it wasn’t for any reason other than I am human. Together, we can do anything. 


PS If you would like a copy of the email I received from Sarah LaFleur, please email me.

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