Friday’s Quote

“Whatever makes you uncomfortable is your biggest growth opportunity.” ~ Bryant McGill

The reason this quote presents such a big conundrum is because the truth that occupies the space around feeling uncomfortable is the exact space where we have the choice of whether or not we decide to leave our comfort zone. Most people will stay in their comfort zone—heck, it’s risk-free, why not?

But venturing forth, knowing you might stumble and fall, is really scary. What exactly are the risks? And conversely, what is the possible upside? What if you’re right? Do the risks far outweigh the benefits or vice versa? Maybe the best questions is this: What is at stake here?

This week I have struggled with being uncomfortable for fear of being wrong and doing more damage. I have listened to a lot about racism. Uncomfortable. I learned the difference between not being racist and anti-racism. Uncomfortable. I know I have a role to play. Uncomfortable. I accept my role. Uncomfortable. I feel unprepared and insignificant to move forward in this role. Uncomfortable. I am sorry and I am learning.

Bryant McGill makes a huge point: don’t shy away from what makes us uncomfortable or we will be missing our best opportunity for our biggest growth. Isn’t that why you’re reading these posts? 

With Gratitude,
Thank you Matthew McConaughey and Emmanuel Acho for helping me along with your “Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man.” And my friend Rudy for telling me about them. 

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