NASA, re-entry, and YOU

Back in the early 1960’s, the U.S. created the NASA Space Program because we were determined to send a man to the moon. Getting them there was a challenge but that was all based on brute force. Getting them home, on the other hand, proved to be far more complicated. Re-entry, as it’s called, was going to require finding a way to slow down the aircraft so that it wouldn’t be destroyed by the heat of air resistance. Ultimately, they discovered that by putting wings on the small final vehicle, they could control the rate of dissent, thereby dissipating the heat and allowing the aircraft to safely re-enter the atmosphere. 

Interesting, right? Re-entry was a more challenging problem then actually getting to the moon. I feel like we should be equally concerned about our own re-entry right now. There are definitely some serious complications ahead of us as we leave lockdown and re-enter society. I, personally, have noticed how on edge everyone is out in the “real world,” and rightfully so. Fear remains the overriding emotion as a result of this inescapable attack from an invisible enemy.

What I understand to be true is that all of us will suffer in some way from this trauma. I am not a trained professional in this area, but I strongly encourage performing some due diligence in this matter to be better informed—for ourselves but also so we better understand those around us. Tensions are running high. Preparing for that will prove invaluable. We will need to lead with compassion and forgiveness if we want to have a safe and fruitful re-entry. So just like NASA, add some “wings” so you can dissipate the “heat” of re-entry—it worked for them so I’m sure it will work for us!With Gratitude,
Here is an article by Bryan Robinson in Psychology Today that may be helpful:…/what-will-it-be-when-the-…

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