Friday’s Quote

“Give a damn.” ~ The bathroom wall at Main and Mountain Bar + Motel

As I walked into the bathroom at Main and Mountain Bar + Motel, fully veiled by my mask, I was struck by a large banner proudly hung over the sink so that it could not be missed: GIVE A DAMN. This hand-stiched felt banner was old-school in it’s appearance but also in its message; I felt like it was coming from an era gone by.

You may already be reading into my message, but don’t. I’m not pushing you in one direction or another, I am simply asking you to get off the fence! Here are some thoughts: Give a damn about spreading COVID, racism, the environment, your marriage, your children, voting, your health, spreading kindness, being nicer, giving back, helping others, etc. Or pick your own, but please pick. 

“This doesn’t effect me” is the exact opposite of “Give a damn.” What do you think would happen if all of us reading this gave a damn about spreading kindness and, as a result, we all collectively did something about it? Deal changer. If you’re on the planet, it effects you. Give a damn. It matters. 

With Gratitude,
PS Thank you Main and Mountain Bar + Motel for the great drinks, great service, and great message!

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