What if…

Have you had a moment during this pandemic that you thought either, “I know I have it,” or “I definitely exposed myself to it,” because you coughed, forgot to wear a mask, can’t remember if you washed your hands, or a myriad of “other”? My daughters have convinced themselves they had it a number of times. I haven’t thought I had it, but I have had a number of instances that I thought I put myself in harms way – unintentionally, of course.

Have you gone down the rabbit hole on this one? Maybe you have become quite anxious, or downright terrified? Maybe you’ve even lost sleep over it? I have met a lot of people, myself included, who have had moments where we have gone down the rabbit hole on this one. It’s not a good feeling. And then, of course, we begin the 14-day count to know we are out of the woods. It’s arguably a form of self-torture.

What can we do instead of this incredibly unhealthy routine? The anxiety comes from mentally darting to the future—where worry loves to resides. We have created a “What if” scenario and the mind has a field-day with all of these scenarios. I have a better “What if” for all of us. What if we just lived in the very present moment—now? You know now. The truth is, we can’t change the past or the future, but we can live in the now. We can enjoy exactly where we are and who we are with OR we can perseverate on the “What if.” These “What ifs” are a waste of precious time. Live now. Enjoy now. Have fun now. I hope that helps when you’re faced with your next rabbit hole. 

With Gratitude,

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