Motivational Monday

As we enter the very last week of summer, and we begin to think about where we are and all that we want to be different in our lives as we move forward, I want you to remember this: You’ve been in this spot before. I know it seems different and I know you’re wondering how you are going to overcome this hurdle, and you may even be saying, “Why me,” but I want you to remember this: you’ve been here before.

Your immediate response may be, “No I haven’t,” but I doubt it. I know it looks different, but this isn’t the first time that you have had to overcome something. This isn’t the first career challenge, nor is it the first financial crunch, or health situation, or even the first relationship dilemma. You’ve been here before—regardless of your previous outcome. 

If you failed last time, then you know what to do and what not to do this time. If you were successful last time, then tap into that personal resource to help you get out of this one. This time might seem different, but a lot of it is exactly the same. You and I have a wealth of knowledge available to us to overcome this challenge simply from our past experiences. All the answers are inside us, we simply need to breathe and say, “I’ve definitely been here before, in some way, and I can overcome this, too.” The “How?” that we’ve been seeking has been right here all along. We can do this! Let’s go!

With Gratitude,

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