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Have you ever said, “I’m not good at math,” or “Science was never my thing.” Right, me, too. How far back do you have to go to remember saying something like this? It probably started in grade school or middle school when we realized we were good at some subjects and not so good at others. In fact, test scores made this information readily apparent to us. And if we ever received a failing grade, we used that score as proof to declare our new truth: I’m not good at ______. But what if that was all wrong?

A Chicago school district completed an interesting experiment, states Stanford University psychologist Carol Dweck. Students received one of two grades: pass or not yet. How brilliant is that? Imagine how we would feel about the subject we are least successful at if we received “not yet” grades? “Not yet” is FILLED with hope and promise. “Not yet” means we’re a work in progress. “Not yet,” Carol Dweck states, develops a growth mindset which is the opposite of what failing grades promote, which is a fixed mindset. What if “not yet” was how our school system graded? “Not yet,” in school or even at work, is a complete game-changer!

What would happen if you and I adopted “not yet” to our challenges? Do you have children who are struggling with school? Share “not yet” with them. My daughter is dyslexic, and we definitely discussed, “not yet.” She loved it! What about your work team? Does anyone need to hear, “Hey, I know this is difficult, but don’t give up. It’s ‘not yet’ now, but I know you can do this!” Today, mull over just two words: Not yet. These two words take a limiting belief and change it into a work in progress—and that, my friend, is a monumental distinction and difference!

With Gratitude,


PS Please watch Carol Dweck’s 9-minute video:

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