We Are All In This Together

I was scrolling through Instagram yesterday and I saw this quote on a friend’s account, “So excited for my quarantine depression and my regular depression to meet my seasonal depression.” Under the quote she had an image of a woman pointing up and above her head it read in big, bold, red letters: FACT.

This is one of those quotes where we initially laugh because it’s funny, but then the gravity of the truth supporting this quote makes it not funny at all. Everyone talks about “Knowing someone with COVID,” but what about knowing someone who is struggling through the pandemic and DOESN’T have COVID at all. These struggles may present themselves like depression, anxiety, loneliness, sadness, unhappiness, etc. It is far more likely that we all know someone who is part of the collateral damage of COVID and their symptoms can’t be detected by taking their temperature. And women are far more likely to be struggling than men.

Today, I want each of us to make a list. Yes, I mean you! Grab a pen. Who is struggling in your life with COVID in some tangential way. Call them; don’t text them. Pick up the phone and simply say, “Hey, how are you?” Is it your mom or dad? Is it a sibling or your child? Is it a friend or work colleague? Here’s the truth: even if they AREN’T struggling, they will be thrilled to hear your voice. Have you ever said this about a loved one: “I’m really disappointed that they called, I wish they had just texted or emailed me.” Probably not. “We are all in this together” means no man is an island. Unprecedented circumstances call for unprecedented responses. It’s time to step up.

With Gratitude,


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