Friday’s Quote

“Direction is so much more important than speed. Many are going nowhere fast.” Unknown

I can’t seem to find the author of this insightful quote, but it may have been someone paraphrasing Mahatma Ghandi’s wise words: “Speed is irrelevant if you are going in the wrong direction.” Both quotes are simple, yet brilliant. The question we need to ask ourselves is, “Where do I want to go?” After we know the answer to that question, we need to ask a second, and possibly more important question, “Am I truly headed in that direction.

I’m the queen of speed, so no one needs to ingest these words more than me. Will you join me, on this fabulous Friday, in stopping long enough to ask that simple yet powerful question: “Where do I want to go?” Sometimes, doesn’t it feel like you’re running on the hamster wheel, spending a great deal of energy to end each day exhausted, yet you’ve gotten nowhere? Exactly! Me, too! It sounds like we may be going “nowhere fast.”

We can ask this question both personally and professionally. It’s a great question if we are 25 or 65. Getting nowhere fast is not on my list of to-dos, what about you? In 2020, speed is everything. We not only want instant gratification, we expect it. But don’t be fooled—stopping, pausing, and reflecting are arguably more important, especially if our speed is taking us in the wrong direction quickly. Will you take the time to “pull over” and ask yourself two questions: “Where do I want to go?” and “Am I truly headed in that direction.” I guess they call it a rest area for a reason. Enjoy the pause. Exhale.

With Gratitude,


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