Win Or Lose

I never write about politics, and I’m not going to start now. But we do have an election coming up one week from today, and I believe it’s important to talk about our emotions and forward thinking.

Of this I am certain, someone will win the election and someone will lose; are you prepared for both of those scenarios to be your reality? How will you behave? How will you treat others? What will you say and do? I believe it’s really important, in life, to think things through and prepare in advance—and this is certainly true for this heated election.

If you haven’t given it any thought, there’s no telling how you will behave. I have started to run through both scenarios in my mind. We live in a democracy, and everyone has the right to vote for who they believe will do the best job. I respect that completely. Think of the words with which you would like to describe yourself and your behavior next Wednesday. Here are a few: respectful, calm, dignified, mature, gracious, reverent, pleasant. polite, conciliatory, etc. It’s worth giving it some thought. I know I am.

“Proper preparation prevents poor performance.”

With Gratitude,


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