A Good Book

Do you like to read books? Me, too. I tend to focus a lot on chapters; I hate stopping in the middle of a chapter if I can avoid it. When I finish a chapter, although it’s a great breaking point, I can’t wait to start the next one. I definitely get a little sad when a good book comes to an end, but I don’t get sad at the end of a chapter. Why would I? There’s more to the story.

This is true in life, too. Think of all of the obvious “ends of chapters” in our life: school, marriage, work, friendships, neighbors, homes, empty nests, retiring, etc. The pandemic feels like it’s a new chapter as well. We often lament the end of a chapter in our life, but it also means there is a new chapter beginning. And like any chapter, it often starts out slow; the plot and characters are still being developed. Perhaps we should be as excited about the new chapters in our life as we are about new chapters in our favorite book?

Your life IS your book. There are a lot of chapters left in your book—regardless of your age! Maybe a new chapter is beginning right now! Are you still lamenting the end of the last chapter? Are you open to the possibility that this next chapter is EVEN BETTER than the one before it? Oh, and one important note for your book: you’re the author! You can write whatever you want in this next chapter—the artistic license is all yours! Grab a pen! LET’S GO! We got this!

With Gratitude,


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