Motivational Monday!

I can’t speak for where you were this weekend, but if you were in NJ, it was about as glorious a weekend as one can have in November! Doug and I went biking along a local towpath path both Saturday and Sunday to enjoy the nice weather. One thing that was evident during our ride was that the leaves have definitely started to fall. That makes me kind of sad because I love this time of year and I really love seeing all the beautiful foliage; but soon all the leaves will have fallen and we will be looking at bare trees until spring.

Do you know why trees lose their leaves each fall? In short, it’s because trees need to conserve energy for the winter months. When the leaves fall off, all the remaining resources go to the roots, the trunk, and the branches. When resources are in abundance again, come spring, new leaves begin to sprout; and in doing so, they play an important part in helping the tree grow and get nourished.

Maybe we should do the same. Letting go is a powerful tool that we have at our disposal at all times. It isn’t necessarily easy, but sometimes it’s incredibly necessary, and often times it’s cathartic. Trees drop their leaves on purpose because it’s for the betterment of the tree. They don’t waiver and think, “Should I or shouldn’t I?” They simply say, “It’s time.” What do we need to let go of? If even only for a season. Give it some thought, because carrying unnecessary weight can get very heavy and it doesn’t help us grow or flourish. I hope watching the trees drop their leaves over the next couple of weeks is a great reminder for all of us.

Not sure what to let go of? Here are 25 great ideas from Inc. Magazine:…/25-things-you-need-to-let-go…

With Gratitude,


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