Acceptance vs Resistance

The other day, my husband took our sweet, 10-year old Sophie to the vet for her annual check-up. We found out that Sophie had gained 11 lbs. since her last visit! So Fatty Patty has to go on a diet and get some exercise. I committed then to taking her on a 1-mile run/walk every day. On the second day of this new routine, as I prepared to head out, Doug said, “It’s cold!” I agreed with him, and could have easily used that as my excuse to stay in, but for Sophie I decided to bundle up and go, regardless of the cold. I decided then to commit to 30 days with Sophie, no matter what.

The cold weather can definitely be a deterrent for many people, me included. We resist the cold, but what if we understood the opposite of resistance, which is acceptance. In resisting, we hold firmly to what we want the truth to be rather than what is. By accepting, we release the struggle to change that which cannot be changed. Of course, this goes way beyond the cold weather. Acceptance is the key to intrinsic freedom, and during a global pandemic, I believe it’s worth exploring. We certainly don’t need any more struggles in our lives, right?

So how do we practice acceptance over resistance? Why not start with the cold. Do you resist it? Are you the one already pining for spring? Why don’t you take the Sophie Challenge with me? Every day, regardless of the weather, go out for a walk. It doesn’t have to be a mile, simply ACCEPT what the weather brings. And yes, that means the rain, too. Acceptance versus resistance is also about living in the present moment; we might want things to be different in the future, but in the present moment we need to accept things as they are. Acceptance is about flow; resistance is about struggle. It’s our choice. Come on, I could use the company!

With Gratitude,


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